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Read the new Breaking Ground: Celebrating Writers of Colour booklet

Speaking volumes has begun the next chapter of the Breaking Ground project with the launch of a new booklet celebrating writers of colour. We hope that the booklet will be a valuable resource both at home and overseas, demonstrating the wide and varied literature of the UK whilst raising the profile and giving a platform to 200 contemporary British BAME authors.

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Norman Samuda Smith is a talented Author and former playwright. He is the first black British born novelist to be published in the UK, what an accolade to have under your belt. He has achieved so much and is so understated, but has done a plethora of work in which opened doors through his writing of what it was like growing up as a black person in the UK. In 2013, Norman self-published three of his books, Britannia's Children, Freedom Street, and in celebration of its 30th Anniversary, his ground-breaking novel Bad Friday; which was published in 1982 and republished in 1985. In a rare appearance, we at Sounds Beautiful Radio hosted a two part thoughtful and personal interview by our very own presenter 'Westfield John'. It was a pleasure having Norman come into the studio for this interview. So sit back and listen to part 1 of the full account of his surprising stories here... 

Part 2 of Author Norman Samuda Smith; interviewed by radio presenter 'Westfield John' here...  


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Bad Friday by Norman Samuda Smith
Rating: 5 of 5 stars 

What the readers are saying about it...
'When Norman Samuda Smith wrote Bad Friday, he became our first black British born novelist - he became a pioneer who spoke for a generation whose voice had yet to be heard in the long narrative form. Norman Samuda Smith and Bad Friday were born and made in Britain, where he put pen to paper.' *****
James Pogson (Writer) February 2013
 'I read Bad Friday before I met Norman and felt it was good then: a novel about school leavers set in inner-city Small Heath Birmingham (UK) among the Afro-Caribbean community in the 1970s. It uses the dialogue of the community skillfully to tell an affecting story. What's amazing (to me) about it is the author's youth when he wrote it - he was only 17, and in his earlt 20s when it was first published, but he shows a mastery of narrative.' *****
Alan Beard (Author) January, 2001
'Around 16 years ago, when I when starting to write my first novel, I was eager to find past examples, or 'blueprints', which would provide inspiration for what I was about to do. Although I found many noteworthy stories from across the African Diaspora, I was looking for something set in Britain. And then I was gifted Bad Friday - a novel I have to this day. It was instrumental in letting me know that what I evisioned was achievable, and that a rich, Black British AND working class literary culture had been realised by others before me. It was liberating to read, and I'm heartened to know this book will be made available to others. It's a long unsung milestone, and I hope that, with this reprint, that will change.' *****
Courttia Newland (Author/Screenwriter/Playwright) October 2013 
'Excellant book!! The final paragraph on the back cover gives definition to the struggles we faced in our youth. There are very few credible books that speak to an almost forgotten group - Black British people growing up in the 1970s. Great context and real characters who make this a page turning read.' *****
Winifred V. Williams (A satisfied reader - Washington D.C) November 2015
'Norman wrote Bad Friday when he was only 17. The book has a great depth to it from innocence to the harsh realities of life. The characters are all well-defined, a mixture of emotions, joy, sorrow, dreams, love and the escape through music via 'Sound Systems' - Norman has a real talent.' *****
John Miller (A satisfied reader - Birmingham UK) December 2015.
 Read what they said about Bad Friday back in the day here...
 ISBN: 9781784071110 - Total Pages: 237
Published: 29 October 2013
UK READERS GO TO: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bad-Friday-Norman-Samuda-Smith/dp/1784071110/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
US READERS VISIT: http://www.amazon.com/Bad-Friday-Norman-Samuda-Smith/dp/1784071110/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 

ALSO  AVAILABLE http://www.feedaread.com/books/Bad-Friday-9781784071110.aspx

Watch the Bad Friday book trailer here...